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Many people have asked me severally, what it takes to build/grow a vibrant business in Multi-level Marketing Industry. That issue I want to discuss in a more detailed manner here. What I’m about to share is what I have actually learned from gurus whom I follow on social media, admire and research about like the legendary Holton Buggs.

As a team leader, how do you inspire your team to success? We all know that the secret to any organization is TEAM WORK. Now to lead a very successful team that will be envied in any network marketing business, you must practice four (4) secrets. Many people will tell you all sorts of things about growing your business, I stand to be quoted, when you do what you’re about to learn, you are on your way to MLM Bliss! Your team will grow exponentially having buttressed roots e.t.c

Now what are the 4 secrets that have eluded so many network marketers for so long.

1. Learn: Many people don’t pay attention to this fact; they feel this industry is a one way traffic (Make Money Fast). No. In fact, to be successful in this industry and other industries, you must study the industry, study the trends and learn from the masters. Study also what makes the company or business you’re promoting unique; how can you grow to new heights in your business? Learners are Leaders as they say, but just learning without GAINING STRATEGIES is mere reading.

Places to Learn:

a. Seminars: attend seminars, conferences (live or online), leadership meetings

b. On-line Webinar: learn from the leaders in your industry, subscribe to their channels and get updated news about them. Learn from their live experiences, what they suffered before they got to where they are and what they did to get there.

c. Articles: Research your favorite companies, read-up articles for or against, FAQ sections of their websites and make notes for yourself and team.

d. Others: there are very important lessons you can learn from experts in other industries that can be applied to your business and stand you out as a leader.

2. Do: All great leaders have something in common, that is, ACTIONS! If you are to stand out in this industry, you must DO/ACT on what you have learned. A dream is only a dream in your head or on paper if it’s not put to work. You can become noticed when you start doing what you have learned. In DOING, you get RESULTS and results draw the attention of others nearby. You may have heard the saying, ‘think-outside-the-box’; what does it mean to you? For me it simply means, ‘do something different’. But many have interpreted it to literally mean ‘think’ as in ‘muse’ without what brings the real content of that saying out, ‘Act’. So, don’t just ‘talk-the-talk’, ‘Work-the-Talk’!

3. Teach: What will stand you out in network marketing industry is not your ability to prospect people. You may prospect a thousand people and still not get lasting success. What drives your result is a vibrant organization. If you have learned how to generate a thousand leads and you have practiced it, but have not thought your team how to do same, you are still running a one man organization. We hear people say at different meetings replicate/duplicate. It doesn’t me what you think, it means, ‘produce or re-create yourself in your referrals’. You can only be successful as your team and your team can only be as successful as you.


So to be successful, teach your team:

– generate leads;

– make presentations;

– prospect new clients;

– close the deals;

– fill-out new registration;

– navigate their back office;

– calculate their commissions on their own;

– Rank advance to new positions;

– replicate after their kind,

If your 80-90% of your team members is able to learn all these things, then you can be sure of maximum income weekly, monthly, and quarterly and annually in your business.

4. Repeat: the last secret I’ll teach here is to repeat 1 – 3. Let your team members do same things you have done. Let them learn, do and teach their direct downlines and their down lines.

Doing the above four will relieve you of whatsoever pressure you may have faced and free your time to focus on other aspects of your business. You will build a healthy and self-reliant organization that will generate thousands, even hundreds of thousands of $$$ when your team cascades to 5, 6, 7 generations behind you.

Team Work makes the DREAM WORK!

It’s not about You, It’s about the Team; So don’t give up, you can still win in this industry!


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4 Tips for Building a Strong MLM Network

“Every great leader today with so many followers started by leading themselves”.

Multi-level businesses have infinite potential, but like most worthwhile endeavors, you get out of them what you put in. Building a strong MLM network is all about creating the connections today that will support your business for many years to come. That takes more than just good business sense and time commitment – it means making a personal connection with each and every member of your group and helping them succeed by following in your footsteps.

Start Every Person Off on the Right Foot

The most important time to connect with any member of your MLM organization is right at the beginning, in the first few weeks after he or she joins. A simple and easy approach is to routinely contact new members with a prepared course of emails or phone calls to welcome and motivate them.

A beginner who is new to network marketing won’t know quite what to expect or in their first few days or weeks, and someone who has previous MLM experience will most likely be comparing everything to their last network marketing company. In either case, they’ll have plenty of questions best answered by seasoned members of the group, who by default become the new members’ mentors.

Schedule Time to Support Your Team

A successful MLM business grows not just on the strength of its products, but on your ability to network and befriend the members of your downline organization. Set aside some time every day to answer emails, prepare training materials, and contact members of your downline who might have fallen out of touch.

Even a quick but genuine voice mail can go a long way toward establishing a relationship. Being available when they need you is even more important, both in terms of sharing your time and investing emotionally by caring about your members and their lives.

Keep Momentum with Frequent Meetings

It’s easy to inspire and motivate people if you meet frequently. The most successful MLM business groups meet every week (or more); a monthly meeting just isn’t enough to encourage new members and keep momentum going.

Commit to organizing a meeting at least every two weeks – better yet, a weekly meeting on the same day every week. If some members aren’t local, group conference calls can be arranged at a minimal cost to allow everyone to attend. Invite your team members to share experiences, talk about successes and projects they’re working on, and network with each other for mutual support. It’s also a great opportunity for you to organize bigger projects, such as trade show booths and other forms of outreach that you can do together.

Remember the Little Things

Network marketing is about much more than business – it is built on the strength of your relationships with each of your group members. Show them you care by paying attention to things like birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays.

A thoughtful greeting card (even a free online version) or a yearly wall calendar in the mail reminds people you care. Even the small, simple things can be big motivators to get them out to those all-important meetings and conference calls that will ensure their business success… and yours.

Every Single Journey Starts With Taking a Step

Hence, I present you with an opportunity to join me and build up yourself in a strong tested and trusted MLM business.

Join Me!



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What to look out for in MLM……

Before we get into explaining what you should really be looking for when it comes to Network Marketing business opportunities I feel it is necessary to state some basic economic principles that need to be clearly understood. These are and will serve as your reference point as well as your commandment If I should;

1. In any business “Nothing happens until a Sale is made”. There is no need to set up and run a production line, set up a distribution & delivery system, hire accountants and so on unless a Sales person sells something!

2. Unless it is a government owned and funded enterprise virtually all businesses will derive their income and thus their profits by the sale, one way or another, of a product or of a service.

3. Other than the very top management executives, Salesmen or Saleswomen are, on average, the highest paid members of any company – due mainly to Principle number 1 above (”nothing happens until a sale is made”).

4. Businesses and companies that do not constantly strive to further develop and expand their sales will ultimately fail and disappear

5. If you have any doubt at any time please see Principle number 1 above again! Now…

Imagine a job, which offers you absolute independence. You decide who you will work with, you choose the working hours to suit yourself, and your co-workers are partners whom you can utterly trust. Think of a job which will allow you to fulfill your goals and ambitions, be a constant source of pleasure and will inspire you with enthusiasm. Consider how empowering it would be if you could define your own terms of success and you had the freedom and support to pursue those aims. You think it’s only a dream? Not at all! You can make this fantasy true sooner than you think. You only have to give us a little of your time and we will show you how to succeed.

To make your MLM deal even sweater, I am offering you a unique business opportunity, which could help achieve your dream lifestyle! FM Group and HSMP are your guide to Multi-Level Marketing Business.

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“If you can dream it, you can achieve it”
Make no mistake; the world of commerce is seeing a quiet revolution in the fundamentals of how business is conducted. The “old world” of traditional sales & distribution has changed forever for the better. Decades ago the only place you could buy products were at normal retail outlets – at your local store. Well that has all changed and is still changing, only now the pace of change is quickening.
As you will learn from anywhere else, there are many ways to create real wealth but
Choosing which the right opportunity is, for most people, that first, hardest step.
Network Marketing/MLM can be an ideal first step for those with very little ‘start-up capital’ or any real business experience. Hence, it becomes imperative for us to ideate ourselves with the meaning of MLM.
So, what is Network Marketing – which is sometimes referred to as MLM, Multi Level Marketing?
Multi-level marketing (MLM) is a marketing strategy in which the sales force is compensated not only for sales they personally generate, but also for the sales of others they recruit, creating a down line of distributors and a hierarchy of multiple levels of compensation. For me, I prefer to call it “the Duplication Reaction” and can as well call it “Relationship Marketing” (Network (Relationship) Marketing = Increased Trust AND Reduced Marketing, Advertising & Retailing Costs = Increased Sales & Increased Benefits for the Sales Team!). Like Franchising it is the ability to “duplicate” what one person can do, over and over and over again to achieve the greatest success possible. Network Marketing uses the combined, but individual, efforts of many to achieve the powerful penetration of a product or service into a marketplace. Other terms for MLM include network marketing, pyramid selling, and referral marketing. “The essence of MLM is to share the right concept with the right people at the right time. Because no shops are involved, the product has a shorter route from the manufacturer to the purchaser (this fact explains the reason why the prices of the products sold are less expensive than those sold at the high street stores). More often than not, the distributor may offer attractive and exceptional products, which are not available through traditional sales markets.


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