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Idea to industryLife is too short and unpredictable to live by peoples’ schedule, think entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is no longer just a business term anymore; it’s a way of life. You don’t need to be an entrepreneur to be entrepreneurial.

As you think about how you can begin to embrace the entrepreneurial mindset more actively, here are 13 things you must do – at all times – in order to convert those great ideas into reality:

1. Believe in Yourself

You can’t take action until you believe in yourself enough to handle the consequences of your actions. Any time you assume the responsibility to give something that had not existed before an opportunity to become a reality, you become accountable for your actions.

Accountability requires believing in you enough to make the right choice even though it might seem to be the wrong decision initially.

2. Get a Mentor

Don’t ever think you have all of the answers, just because it’s your idea. Learn from those who have done it before. Ideation is distinctly different from execution. Many new entrepreneurs think they have the mass of knowledge to get along their chosen field all by themselves. I think no. You need to have an eye over you who can counsel and advice you at least in your first 3 years. Their thoughts may not necessarily be right though. Rich Melcombe, CEO of Richmel Media & Productions, says that: “If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, listen to everyone because you never know when you will hear a good idea.”

In the end, carefully evaluate any input that you get – but proceed with your own instinct.

3. Assemble your Team

The best thing that can happen to any entrepreneur is having the right persons on their team. It is easy to get people to work with but it is not easy to get the right people. Anyone who associates with you from the start can’t necessarily be the people for your team. A good team comprises of people whom you can share your ideas with; they understand it and makes input to modifying it. It also should be people who are not afraid to make constructive criticism but are able to accept correction. Your team should be able to take your idea and make it theirs.

team4. Embrace Risk as Your Best Friend

Risk becomes your best friend when you give birth to an idea. If you accept this fact, you will approach the process with the knowledge that keeps your dreams and ambitions are on track. risk

5. Be Extremely Patient

Take the time to appreciate the journey and understand how things work. Most people are too anxious to get their desired results and thus start to make bad decisions as they go. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. One thing is certain: the journey will be filled with unexpected outcomes that you may not be prepared to deal with. Don’t let this get you down, but keep your head up and respect the process and where it takes you. You will learn a lot about your threshold of risk and ability.

6. Sell Your Vision

Converting your idea to a reality requires you to help others understand your vision. Clearly define your value proposition and how it can generate revenue. Selling lofty ideas without understanding how it will achieve financial results will never get you the right audience.

vision7. Connect the Dotted Lines

Learn how to spot the paths of connectivity along the journey. What may be your “core idea” today can mature into something bigger as you connect other tenets that naturally associate with your idea along the way. Never stop connecting the dots!

8. Be Passionate about your Pursuit

When you put your passion into everything you do, it gives you the power to become a potent pioneer. You will blaze paths few would go down, and see them all the way through to the end. Your passion will open new doors to endless possibilities. Your ability to remain passionate about what you stand for is the ultimate enabler for the success of your idea.

9. Be Purposeful

Your intentions for your idea must have purpose and meaning. If not, your probability to quit along the way will increase. Your purpose is to execute the idea and make others believe in it. Purpose fuels your passion and makes your journey less lonely.


10. Build your Momentum

Building momentum has a lot to do with timing, management and deployment of resources. Carefully identify all of your resources and build upon them via relationships, networking and sharing of resources to expand the opportunity for your ideas. Building momentum is critically important to convert your idea into a reality. Stay focused, stick to your plan, eliminate distractions/neutralize the noise, shut out people who tell you to jump when you’re not ready yet. To gain momentum, you need to fall back and release. Take the instance of a sling shot.

momentum 1

11. Remain Relevant

Never grow complacent. You can always expand upon your idea and make it better. Continuous improvement is your key to sustained presence in the business.

12. Make Work/Life Balance a Priority

Successfully converting an idea into a reality is a marathon, not a sprint. Pace yourself so that you can reflect upon the mission at hand. Always be aware of what you are attempting to accomplish. Don’t overwhelm your mind; give yourself some breathing room and allow your creativity to expand. No matter how smart, passionate, or focused you work, without balance we are all susceptible to burnout. Mind, body and soul must be properly aligned.

legacy13. Build a Legacy around Your Idea

Let’s say you made the commitment to assume the responsibilities associated with the first 11 steps and have already been successful. Your original idea was born and its impact has now morphed into multiple areas that you would have never thought possible at the beginning. The success of your idea is now real; it has become something more significant but it is up to you to make sure its legacy remains sustainable.

Once you give your idea its life, it is your responsibility that its impact stays alive forever.

Believe, Work, Work and Rest! Allow your business to grow roots deep down so it can stand tall during stormy wind when other businesses are falling over.

You are the architect of your future.


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Many people have asked me severally, what it takes to build/grow a vibrant business in Multi-level Marketing Industry. That issue I want to discuss in a more detailed manner here. What I’m about to share is what I have actually learned from gurus whom I follow on social media, admire and research about like the legendary Holton Buggs.

As a team leader, how do you inspire your team to success? We all know that the secret to any organization is TEAM WORK. Now to lead a very successful team that will be envied in any network marketing business, you must practice four (4) secrets. Many people will tell you all sorts of things about growing your business, I stand to be quoted, when you do what you’re about to learn, you are on your way to MLM Bliss! Your team will grow exponentially having buttressed roots e.t.c

Now what are the 4 secrets that have eluded so many network marketers for so long.

1. Learn: Many people don’t pay attention to this fact; they feel this industry is a one way traffic (Make Money Fast). No. In fact, to be successful in this industry and other industries, you must study the industry, study the trends and learn from the masters. Study also what makes the company or business you’re promoting unique; how can you grow to new heights in your business? Learners are Leaders as they say, but just learning without GAINING STRATEGIES is mere reading.

Places to Learn:

a. Seminars: attend seminars, conferences (live or online), leadership meetings

b. On-line Webinar: learn from the leaders in your industry, subscribe to their channels and get updated news about them. Learn from their live experiences, what they suffered before they got to where they are and what they did to get there.

c. Articles: Research your favorite companies, read-up articles for or against, FAQ sections of their websites and make notes for yourself and team.

d. Others: there are very important lessons you can learn from experts in other industries that can be applied to your business and stand you out as a leader.

2. Do: All great leaders have something in common, that is, ACTIONS! If you are to stand out in this industry, you must DO/ACT on what you have learned. A dream is only a dream in your head or on paper if it’s not put to work. You can become noticed when you start doing what you have learned. In DOING, you get RESULTS and results draw the attention of others nearby. You may have heard the saying, ‘think-outside-the-box’; what does it mean to you? For me it simply means, ‘do something different’. But many have interpreted it to literally mean ‘think’ as in ‘muse’ without what brings the real content of that saying out, ‘Act’. So, don’t just ‘talk-the-talk’, ‘Work-the-Talk’!

3. Teach: What will stand you out in network marketing industry is not your ability to prospect people. You may prospect a thousand people and still not get lasting success. What drives your result is a vibrant organization. If you have learned how to generate a thousand leads and you have practiced it, but have not thought your team how to do same, you are still running a one man organization. We hear people say at different meetings replicate/duplicate. It doesn’t me what you think, it means, ‘produce or re-create yourself in your referrals’. You can only be successful as your team and your team can only be as successful as you.


So to be successful, teach your team:

– generate leads;

– make presentations;

– prospect new clients;

– close the deals;

– fill-out new registration;

– navigate their back office;

– calculate their commissions on their own;

– Rank advance to new positions;

– replicate after their kind,

If your 80-90% of your team members is able to learn all these things, then you can be sure of maximum income weekly, monthly, and quarterly and annually in your business.

4. Repeat: the last secret I’ll teach here is to repeat 1 – 3. Let your team members do same things you have done. Let them learn, do and teach their direct downlines and their down lines.

Doing the above four will relieve you of whatsoever pressure you may have faced and free your time to focus on other aspects of your business. You will build a healthy and self-reliant organization that will generate thousands, even hundreds of thousands of $$$ when your team cascades to 5, 6, 7 generations behind you.

Team Work makes the DREAM WORK!

It’s not about You, It’s about the Team; So don’t give up, you can still win in this industry!


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