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“Life has taught me that everywhere (every place) whether good or bad can never be your place”.

There is a place for every one of us in life no matter what anybody may think and notwithstanding how we may feel.  Looks could be deceiving at times likewise feelings. No one can possibly displace you if you are in your right place; in fact, you will become the leader there has never been in that place while attracting accolades, envy and jealousy. You where not born to be a misfit neither were you born to be a failure. Notwithstanding, failure occurs sometimes to force us out of where we are maybe because we are no longer supposed to be there or maybe to test our tenacity.

There is a place for you

Most of us focus on appearance more than we should. Many of us go with the bandwagon. The place is bad does not mean it is not the right place for you to be and vice versa. It could be signaling you that there is a great opportunity to be taken advantage of. Most problems come with an inherent opportunity. If we are not sensitive enough to see the opportunities within us, we may lose out of our rightful place. A farmer once sold out his only possession which was his farmland for a few pieces of silver and traveled to a far country in search of diamonds not knowing that the farmland he so neglected bore the largest diamond mine of all time in the whole world. Likewise did a professor sell his boiling kettle to a chemist without knowing that that boiling kettle will one day become the origin of the worlds finest and most sought after soft drink brand (Coca Cola). Don’t move along with the bandwagon mentality, it could be destructive in the end. The place might look so nourished and promising, mind you, it could be a trap to lure you out of your rightful place.

Every star shines in its own socket, so, locate your own socket and shine like the greatest of stars. Don’t be so rigid. Change when you sense the need to. Who you are and where you are will determine what you do and what you become. Where you have is better than what you do not have yet. Strive to be who you want to become. Don’t act because others are acting or because somebody is asking you to. No one can live your life better than you can. You are better than you think. Live as the King you are born to be. Get off sight to gain insight. Your decision matters if you are to find your rightful place.

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Good luck.

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