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Life is a Process!

images (1)I have learned through good times and in bad times. I have come to the knowledge that life can’t be as rosy as we expect it. Even though the purpose is known, the process is still unknown and cannot be predicted by any man. Is any man able to foresee the path which he takes to greatness? If so, people will always easily find a way around certain situations because if cause is known, solution isn’t farfetched.

Every individual needs to go through own process. Hence, how we all would want to stay in happy, calm bubble mood for just a little while longer. Yes for just a couple of more days. Hmm, life doesn’t work that way.

In life we need the ups and the downs, we need the lows to appreciate the highs and we need things to move forward to ensure we don’t get stuck in one place. Life truly is a process: a series of events, some of which bring us happiness, some that bring us sadness and some that leave us in that grey place in between. But as someone said to me some time ago, “It all just goes by and we move onto the next feeling and the next opportunity to learn about ourselves and find our shine”. The challenge for us is whether we embrace the process or resist it. Can we get excited about the opportunities that it brings? Or do we live in fear about what’s just around the corner?


When you understand the process of your life, then, each step of the process aligns with a greater mission and the challenges become one more step to a better and healthier tomorrow. In the process, your experience could leave you awestruck but don’t panic, you’re getting closer to a perfect end. It may seem that season will never end when you’re in the process, but trust me, when the pain is too sharp, that’s when your joy start building. Remember, weeping may endure for a night, but JOY comes in the morning. It’s your time to dance.

What is your experience and how are you handling it?

Please share your thoughts.


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A Little Boy and a Wise Old Man

This is a story about a little boy and a wise old man. Please read on.

One upon a time, there lived an aged man and a little boy of less than 10 years of age. It happens that people visits this man to get advice from him for different issues bothering them. His advice were said to be on point and if and when you apply them precisely, they do work magic. A day came that this little boy grew weary of seeing the enormous crowd that troops in to visit this man. He decided to try a trick with the intent of disproving the judgement of this man. He caught a butterfly and took it to meet the old man. When he got there, the old asked him, “little boy, what troubles you”? The boy replied, “I want you to tell me if the butterfly in my hand is dead or alive” (with the intention of squeezing the butterfly to death if the old man says it’s alive and to let it fly if he says it was dead). The man looked at him and sighed in contempt. The mans reply to the boy was surprising to everyone who were present. He said to the boy, “little boy, what becomes of you is of your making. I can’t kill your butterfly neither can I make it alive for you. Whatever happens to it in your hands depends on you and you alone.” The little boy had to leave the scene full of regrets and sadness.

By interpretation, everyone of us has a great destiny ahead of us. Life holds lots of promises for us but what becomes of our destinies and promises is solely our business. Our experiences in life depends on our decisions for ourselves. People will tend to affect you positively or negatively but you are responsible for what you allow and disallow in your life. No one is responsible for you, you are solely responsible for what you become.

I appreciate the time you put into reading my articles, I wish to solicit for your responses and comments on the response page. It will actually help me serve you better.

Rule Fearlessly!


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