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“Those who cannot let go of their past will find it absolutely difficult to face their future”.
The criterion for anyone to be called a successful person is that she/he has been able to maintain their level of success or has improved on them. Except you and I improves on our performances of time past, what we celebrate today would soon become obsolete. Success actually means, “Succeeding in succession”. If your yesterday was good, thank God, but don’t relax, rather, build on those achievements and keep succeeding. In the event that your yesterday was bitter, sad, frustrating, miserable, disappointing,, rejoice because yesterday is gone forever with every each new day that passes and there are more opportunities for you to make amends today. Failure is not totally a bad idea; it’s a new opportunity to make better what you were unable to do the last time. Every one of us wishes to get it at the first instance, yes I know and it’s a good one too. But should in case you didn’t, what will your reaction be? Thomas Edison was said to have failed 999 times in his quest to invent the light bulb, but do you know that in those cases, he found 999 ways to succeed and in which he actually did succeeded.
Do you know that the more you think about the past, is the more you are tied to your past and the more you lag behind?
Yesterday is gone, today is a guarantee and tomorrow is a probability. Today and tomorrow are loaded with numerous possibilities and you must take full advantage of them if you are to keep succeeding. Stop wallowing in regret and self pity. Up your performance from yesterdays level and your achievement today will be upgraded. Refuse to downgrade yourself because of the event of last time.
You don’t have too much time to waste in life. There is more you can get today than what you have gotten already and there is more you can get than what you probably have lost. You can be better than you are presently. Have you ever wondered why successful people hardly rest? The reason is not far-fetched. It is because they don’t wish to be irrelevant.

Keep Succeeding

Keep moving, don’t stop moving. Don’t let the oil stop flowing and that is the more reason you should keep pouring. Success is all over you. It won’t stop coming until you stop acting. Only those willing to change can b in charge. The way to keep living is to keep succeeding. Don’t slow or break your pace. To avoid being irrelevant, you better keep succeeding. Success is you inheritance. It has no end until you call it quit.
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Good luck!

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