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Finish It!

“If you can’t, you must but if you must, you can”- Anthony Robbins.

This is a case I have been harboring within me and I am pleased to let it to you my friends to share with me in order to enhance your life. I have noticed that most people are good starters. Notwithstanding, not many are able to go through to the last phase of every project they start. It is on statistics that only two out of every 10 business established crosses the three years mark. Then where are the other eight? There are lots of questions to ask of all these issues. Why do people get cold some time after starting up a new project? The answer is not farfetched. It could be that they have lost the enthusiasm or passion that the once had. The motivation isn’t there any longer. Sometimes, they regret ever venturing into such projects. The feeling is sour taste so is the memory of having been defeated. What then can be done to overcome even when it seems winning is an exaggeration?

It is very easy to desire giving up and counts yourself as a failure… to mope, cry and let it affect everything in your life when you can’t get project moving and making you the kind of cash you would desire. It is difficult to concentrate and do something else.

The solution you need is within you. Determination! Yes determination is what you need if you are to finish anything you started without being knocked down on the road by the pressures, stress and complications that might arise on the way as Anthony Robbins said and I quote, “The path to success is to take massive, determined action”. The smaller your vision gets at the beginning, the bigger it becomes towards the end. That is the more reason you have more friends in your beginning and less at the end because those ones becomes your companions. Not everybody is courageous enough to fight through to the end. But you have the opportunity to raise your game with a massive determined action. Many are called but few will be chosen. Will you be among that few to be chosen is a question for another day.

You must finish what you have started if you are to take the crown of glory, victory and success. Have you seen anyone who started a race just to get half-way stopped to get the price? Never! You must be able to finish first. Life is that race. You can’t afford to stop half way every time. I read a life story of a celebrity (name withheld). When she was 14, she was always last in her age-grades swimming competition until a time, she decided to quit swimming because her friends and mates laughed at her each time she came last. She returned home one evening and told her grand mum she wants to quit swimming, her grand mum yelled at her and said, you want to quit the only sports you know how to do well? Then reminded her how she loved her and wished that one day she can start winning. To cut the story short, she went to school the next day to face the stereotype but this time she was determined. When she got to school, her age grade had already finished their race and it was remaining the 17 year olds. Her coach told her she was going to run with them. She became afraid but had no choice and so she did and at the middle of the race while still swimming, she raised her head to see someone by her side while recalling the words of her granny, she swam faster determined never to come last this time. Surprisingly for her, that was her only competitor to the first position that she out-swam. On finishing, she raised her head and burst out in tears and while seeing her coach running to embrace her. She said, why is that I am always too slow that they all got out before me? Her coach embraced her and broke the news that she finished top. On hearing that, she stopped crying and looked back to see her granny and friends running to come and congratulate her.

The knowledge in this brief story tells me that when you determine to do anything, there is no Jupiter than stop you. You have your destiny in your hand. Don’t let it leave you. Determine to go the extra mile, dare to do what you have never done before. You can finish like you are always able to start. There is nothing you cannot accomplish if you dare to and like Anthony Robbins would say, “it is in your moment of decision that your destiny is shaped”.

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