About Us!

Hello friends, a warm welcome to you all as you join me in unveiling a new series on Motivating through Success. Let me tell you a little about me.

My name is Israel Elochukwu Bartholomew a graduate of Business Management from the Poznan University College of Business, in Poznan, Poland. I love writing and have contributed to the defunct ‘The Lake Magazine’ of Poznan University College of Business as well as the first edition of ‘Innovative Management Journal’ of the same institution. I own a some blogs Success Dialect and  Motivating through Success where I share insight on tips for living a motivated life.

I have a passion for service excellence and in helping people perform at their optimum. I believe that every one of us has the power to overcome trials and achieve our dreams but we only need to acknowledge the ‘King in Us’. Feed it with the right words and release it. Also, I am a Management Consultant and Network Marketer. Hence, I live by what I teach.

Let me briefly explain my vision for this blog: “To be a hallmark of excellence in aiding success”. Our mission is to motivate our readers through periodicals, newsletters, publications and blog posts while building excellent background for a successful life with inspirational words from God.

There are so many gifted persons around us today, but lack of motivation limits their level of accomplishment and progress. Maybe these people have not come to the realization of the power and authority they have in God. Thus, we will seek to address these issues in our posts which is available at our page

Thank you for spending part of your time here.



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