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What is Success?

Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can’t lose. – Bill Gates

Many say a lot about failure but not much is said about success. That is to say that we overlook issues which are very imperative to our growth.

What really is Success?

I am often amazed at how many people define success as making (or having) a lot of money. It is very strange, because many of the people, who think this way is harried, stressed and, frankly, pretty miserable.

Success is defined based on our different personal perception and factors. But regardless, everyone wants to succeed in their lives. Until you define your version of success you don’t really have anything to strive for and you don’t know when to stop pursuing it. Defining success might seem simple, but it’s worth the extra mental effort to make sure you have a good working definition for yourself. I believe there are many areas in a person’s life: Self, family, friends, work, community and so on.

On a general note, Success is a process which begins with contemplation and ends with realization. In between there is work. For instance, a person’s goal may be to get admitted to a graduate school. His success will be determined when she/he achieves this goal. The person may have the ambition of receiving a scholarship award for a graduate programme. If he or she only gets admitted into the said programme, he has not been successful. However, he needs to get a result that represents 100% of his intended outcome but however; these outcomes are dependent on outside forces; though that is not the end of life as you have the opportunity to make things better.

Success should be all encompassing, i.e. should take into cognizance all facets of an individuals life. I believe you really can take control of your life and succeed. Unfortunately life does not come with a manual. Most people struggle through life and wonder why they never get anywhere. You do not have to be one of them. I will give you fair warning here, becoming successful is not easy, otherwise more people would be successful.

Hence, there are still opinions and thoughts that may not have been portrayed here. Please give you thoughts and leave your own definition of success and factors that contribute to it.



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