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Finding Inspiration – Take Control of Your Life

The truth is that, “aiming for perfection is a great way to do nothing.”The time has come and now is, the matter is for the now. If you continue to think about tomorrow while doing nothing today to affect it, it will come and go while you will continue to wait for another tomorrow to come. The best time to launch your idea is today, now!
I was going through an article from a popular virtual entrepreneur this morning. Around the articles, comment section, I noticed something spectacular, people where complaining about how perfect this author looks and sounds in his write ups. The ideas he portrays are fare better understood and practiced by people of like mind and nothing any kind of person searching for a little pay can do with it. According to one, “…he’s a perfectionist, I can’t seem to imagine myself doing all those stuff he spoke about. They are no doubt very difficult for anyone to achieve.

I don’t have to castigate your reasoning, everybody has a choice to make but my problem is that they complain about another persons’ show of perfection without them doing what they can to tap from the insight and ideas shown by another. You don’t have to be perfect in doing what I do because I’m perfect in doing it. My idea of being perfect in what I do is to offer the best quality of goods and service. If anyone translates it to mean another thing, then, the person means delivering mediocre services and poor quality products.
Hence, it’s a choice to be whom you want to be. The truth is that, “aiming for perfection is a great way to do nothing” says Ramit Sethi (author of I will Teach You to Be Rich). Thus, you don’t need to be perfect in my own sense to achieve; you can actually be perfect in your own way and succeed. You don’t need to be a genius to be good at what you do. Don’t wait for the right time because there might never be a time right for you.
Note this: all ideas are there for you to sieve and make use of. Take the ideas, break them down to your own understanding and then, make good use of them. Being you is the idea here. There’s always a lesson to learn from life. Complains can destroy your motivation. Also, you don’t need to have everything required to grow a business before endeavoring into that business. Start it will come and go while you will continue to wait for another tomorrow to come. The best time to launch your idea is today, now! Tomorrow is nothing without today. Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed, take advantage of today and as well take advantage of now and where you want to be. Start from where you are; don’t think of where you are not yet. Start from being YOU, rather than trying to be who you want to be.When you start to walk from here you can actually get to the place you want. Don’t always wait for the coast calm before you take up your paddle. Waiting for the perfect time is giving procrastination a chance to rule you. So, Stand firm and stand tall. You are born to WIN!!!

Toast to your Success!

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The Defining Framework of Love (Give) and Lust (Take)

How do you define love and what do you deem to be its opposite? Many of us define love as the opposite of hate but rather than define it this way, I chose to see it as the opposite of LUST. What do you do when you love someone/something? You tend to give your all right to them/it? That is to say that when you LUST, you tend to take from it/them.
One thing that is worth noting is that, “for you to be happy as an individual you need to LOVE and you need LOVE”. Hence, the relationship between Love and Lust is actually a decision between giving and taking. Do you know that in loving (giving) you receive? This is also to say that when you allocate, you accumulate but the reverse is not the case.
Therefore, the overarching value that drives decision making should actually be whether it’s an act of giving (love) or taking (lust). In order words, if we as a people can keep the give vs. take framework in our minds as we go through our routine tasks, we will develop a value-based compass for taking the right actions and making the best decisions for our lives.

Let us also note that what you appreciate, appreciates but what you rebuff, depreciates. Look through your life and identify where you have been missing it and find a way to rectify those. This is a period of sharing, find one needy and give something that will ignite his/her face with happiness.
Season’s Greetings

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