Act on it Now: You’ve got less time to Think

14 Jun

“The only way to find out what is behind the curtain is to get behind.”


I invite you to explore this new piece with me. Thanking you for being my companion, I really enjoy you’re your company. Hence, I would like to let you know this fact before getting started in ernest; just sitting and think will do you no good. It will only control your momentum and keep you from taking actions. If you are stuck, it only means that you have to find the solution to your problem instead of sitting and thinking about it.

Ask yourself, “what can I do that will help me make this decision (or cross this bridge)? Who can I talk to?

The best way to figure out a solution is to simply test i.e. practice as you think. However, if you’re not sure about something, ask for help or test it yourself to be sure. This I call “the entrepreneurial mindset.”

To some of us, our biggest pull-backs could be lack of knowledge – not knowing what to do, how to do it and inability to ask for help; or lack of motivation – knowing what we can and should do but being too occupied to act in the very moment we should. I tell you for sure that a little action taken is worth more than a million of such ideas and dreams in the bag. There are many ideas in my head some I wrote down in my journal but of recent, I decided to start work on them one after the other. I belief you too can make this decision too. You can decide to work on your ideas.

Never guess over what you can test and as well do. Work on yourself, analyze your weakness. Guessing paralyses your urge to act because while guessing, fear and doubt creeps in and moral disappear. No one can actually teach you what you can do to make a million bucks; they might tell you what they did to succeed but definitely not what will earn you $1milion. If at all they knew as they claim, they wouldn’t tell you. So, who knows if that little you know will be all the input you have to act upon to make $1million. In the real sense of it, what works for Mr. A might not work for Mr. B and vice versa. Find out what works for you by working on your various options. Don’t just sit and think because you might never achieve anything worthwhile. Instead, work out your thought. Action keeps you vigourated. As Ramit Sethi says, “If you’re interested in learning the very same techniques I use to deeply understand my readers, – include several sophisticated techniques and frameworks I’ve never shared on my blog.”

As you try to learn from strategies that worked for others, try to input your own original test results. Be original. Be a master in what you do. Become a master class. You can turn ordinary to extra-ordinary. You can as well handle a common thing in an uncommon way and command attention. Just put a shining effect to what you’re doing. Humanity needs you to spice it up. You are a bundle of talent.

Toast to your Success!

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