Believe In Yourself No Matter What People Say or Think!

10 Jun

“Death is inevitable, but only those who are determined to birth their dreams will live even after they die” Kelechi Madubuike

If having others believing in you and your dream was a requirement for success, most of the worlds greats would never have been where they are today, and perhaps, would not have been able to accomplish anything worthwhile in life. Sometimes, taking several opinions from the public could be conflicting and so, could lead to confusion. Let not your power of decision stand in the wisdom of men. You’ve got to stop worrying yourself about what people think about you. One thing that will always stand firm is what you and God thinks about you. People may say whatever they want and wish but the council of God only will stand.

Going psychological, we can take clue from the findings of Dr. Daniel Amen who in his 18/40/60 Rule stated that “when one is 18 years of age, he worries what people say about him/her; when he is 40 years old, he stops worrying about what people say, such that it doesn’t matter; and when he is 60, he realizes that no one has been speaking about him at all”. But surprisingly, most of the time, nobody really thinks about you. While you are possibly busy thinking about what people are saying about you, your likes are busy doing what they know how to do best. The best thing here for anyone who cares to know is that combining the three (3) scenarios will make a perfect merge: that is to say that, while you are aware that people could be talking you, you should give no ear to whatever they might be saying (which most at times are negative), and in fact, conditioning your mind to believe that nothing like that exist.

Why would you consider what people say before birthing your dream? If you watch the weather, the scripture says, you might never sow. Would you as a doctor instead of treating your patient, stands to think of what is going on the mind of the same patient? Gosh! One thing I can tell you goes on in the patients mind is ‘I hope I get well soon and go back home.’

You’ve got to grow up. You’re actually wasting your valuable time and energy by thinking what others might be saying about you. Let your mind be fixed on doing things that will achieve your goals.  Unnecessary public opinion constitute a distraction to your walk to success, they don’t matter at all. There’s no speed limit in the success race. You determine your speed. Don’t let your dreams and goals die with you. Believe in yourself, belief you can achieve your goals and likewise belief in God.

Toast to your success!

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One response to “Believe In Yourself No Matter What People Say or Think!

  1. Alex

    July 10, 2012 at 04:04

    I agree with you! Believe is a powerful to overcome problems in this life!



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