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Change is difficult but often essential to survival. You have the power to change. Hello friends, here I am again with the continuation of my last post on the above subject. Hope you liked it? If so, we will have to move on to the next part of the message. Its a bumper packaged only for you. I strongly believe that with this, and more to come, you’ll rise to make the difference and spice up your life a little more. See you at the end of this part.

1.    Show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are.

2.    Treat people as you would want others to treat you.

3.    You don’t need distractions to focus.

4.    Here’s a secrete I learnt in business, “think big but instead of taking the plunge, start small”. Don’t be over enthusiastic about your goal even though you should pursue it with diligence and passion. Cut your coat according to your size.

5.    Pursue your dreams and ambitions with due diligence, passion and conviction that you will achieve it.

6.    In whatever you do, learn to be an original. Don’t imitate the next person. You’re not a carbon copy but a perfect creature. There is no one in this life that is exactly as you are.

7.    Let the zeal of your goal consume you. Let it be seen in every single thing that you do.

8.    Pride instigates conflict but forgiveness lightens the load.

9.    Celebrate your best moments. Don’t wait for another to come your way because there may not be an ‘another’.

10. A man without vision is like a locomotive without direction. Don’t allow the winds of life to drive you, rather, tell yourself where you should go.

11. A man who doesn’t know what he can do will find himself doing nothing.

12. You can spare today to live another. The patient dog they say eats the fattest bone.

13. it is only the fool that gives up. You are more and better than what you think you are. Don’t allow situations to dictate your pace. Always learn to try again when you fail.

14. it is the character of the leader to take responsibility of his actions and only the like of fools to run away from taking responsibility.

15. Be impeccable with your word: Speak with integrity. Say only what you mean. Avoid using the word to speak against yourself or to gossip.

16. We have many chapters and pages to our lives, when you don’t travel often; you only live in one page of your life. That’s what I got from a friend I made in one of my trips years time ago.

17. I’ve heard different speakers say this, and GOD himself also said put it as the forth commandment in the Christian Bible. This shows the place one’s parents to his growth in life.

18. If you would like to work with great team, be a great team member yourself.

19. Don’t be busy doing nothing. Activity is not productivity! Results are testimonies of your hard work.

20. Don’t be reckless with your actions. However, talk less and work more.

21. Do not belittle YOU. There are some activities you can engage yourself in, there are some you should desist from. You know yourself better than anyone else.

22. Practice brings you to perfection with time. Make good use of the insights you get. You can be the next Edison.

23. Hearing is easy, I know, but listening is hard. Dynamic leaders are very good listeners. Add a small gap of silence to get what the next person has to say.

24. In this race of life, nobody else should matter to you than YOU. Don’t make a joke of your life.

25. Action is your key to wealth. Act as you think.

26. Getting Rich is quit harder than making a living.

27. FEAR is a false representation of real facts. It’s just a feeling that makes you think that a mirage is real.

28. Opportunity is the recognition of the unique in the familiar.


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  1. Nicole Griffin Eakin

    April 7, 2011 at 08:34

    Awesome post! I have to say you have a way with words. I absolutely love the way you see things. I hope you don’t mind but I also write for Triond and Wikinut and I am linking to your article. I will comment back with the links as well. I really want to share this with others!


    • E. Israel

      April 7, 2011 at 09:40

      I’m flattered by your comment Nicole. By the way, you got my permission to share the article. Hope it makes even more sense to your readers. Thanks though.



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