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So many of us live the same way all year round. At some point, we begin to grumble over what our lives have become. We live life flooded regret over a life we lived that we ought not to have lived. However, some of us don’t actually know how to live. To avoid being bored everyday of your life over living the same way over and over again, It’s time for you to change the way you live your life. Life is supposed to be an adventure to a point but sometimes, its filled with regrets and huge sighs because of the fun we didn’t get. I’ve come up with this stunning tips to living a great life. Please read and then apply these tips.

See you at the end of this message. Enjoy!

1. Get just a half hour (or more) of physical exercise into each day offers substantial benefits to your health.

2. Gratitude opens the floodgates for unfathomable kindness. When you praise the doer for the good he did, he’ll do again.

3.    Your work is just an art. You don’t have to overwork yourself. Take some rest, you really should.

4.    Life has thought me that the inevitable do happen in life, and when they do, we ought to be ready to face them squarely. When you anticipate good things, also make some reservations in your mind that ‘mistakes’ can actually occur along the line.

5.    Most people don’t know what keeping a track of one’s actions is. It helps a lot in tracking your mistakes for future corrections and referring back to your success points for motivation.

6. Reading about others and how they achieved their fit can actually motivate you to greater heights. Notwithstanding, readers are leaders and what information you pass on to your brains definitely influences your actions in a variety of ways.

7. Schedules help you to discipline yourself. Note this, if you can manage a day in your life, you can as well manage your entire life.

8. A woman when she was living the house asked son clean up the kitchen before she gets back from work. The son washed the plates as well as cleaning the sing but forgot to clean the floors and the table. The mum returns and went straight in to the kitchen to cook. She was glad that her son washed up the dirty utensils but on the other thought, the entire kitchen was untidy. So she called out to him and inquired why he didn’t clean the place but the son protested and said “but mum, I washed the dishes and cleaned up the sink”. However the mum replied, “you did things right but you didn’t do the right thing”. Disclaimer: Never misplace priorities.

9. Desists from any company that doesn’t add value to your life.

10. Water is life.

11. Every day is an opportunity to make yesterday better in today.

12. Experience they say is the best teacher, show me your mentor and I’ll tell you were you’ll be tomorrow.

13. Coaches get you acquainted with what you need to do to become successful based on their own experience but you acquaints yourself with living by the instructions of the coach.

14. The early hours of the day is the best time to reason because of the absence of distraction and total tranquility.

15. Food is good but too much of it will make you stupid.

16. If you happen to become the only successful person of your age, you are a failure. Find and raise others to become as successful as you are. One can only chase a thousand but TWO, ten thousand; but what of a situation where you have 5, this is a Godly mystery.

17. Successful people are always looking for opportunities to help others. Unsuccessful people keep asking, “What’s my gain”.

18. Friendliness opens the doors for more possibility.

19. Discipline is your own rod for correction, thus, to commit an offense before you can be corrected.

20. Shoot for the moon, if you fail to get there, you can land among the stars.

21. Make everyday your day to remember if you are to enjoy life.

22. When you make money and spend it, that’s the highest it’ll become; when you save or invest in something, that’s the least it can become.

23. Creative imagination can spring up in response to creative arts.

24. Get off- site to get insight.

25. Acknowledgement propels a repeat of kindness.

26. Forgiveness heals the wound of bitterness.

27. Put your frustrations behind you while in a position of authority.

28. No one values what they have until they lose it.

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