Get Moving, Don’t Stop

02 Mar

I was opportune to have attended a seminar a few days back and here is what i got from it and wish to share it to you in my own words. Success isn’t what you take for granted. A mind that yearns for success works for it. There are times when we dream big but without corresponding actions we lag behind.

Some people today have ideas that can turn their lives around in a matter of hours but because of one thing or the other, they are still were they are. So i say, “Life is not a competition but without a steady progressive movement, you either remain where you are, and by so doing, you keep counting steps backward with those at your earlier position and those behind you earlier (while making some progressive movements) overtaking you”. You can agree with me the need why we want to make headway in life. We all want to achieve greater things, because life is adventurous and that urge to make things happen resides in every one of us. True? Right.

Next will be a look at the various ways one can make a progressive movement.

1. Rotational or Circuit Movement: this is when an individual starts going about in a circular manner and continues in that for so long that it becomes his habit. For such a person, he/she might not change until he/she dies unless they are redirected. Note, in this kind of movement, there is no new thing happening to the person in question. Everyday is just like every other day that has passed. Even though he/she might have some good ideas but cannot actualize it because of his/her thought pattern. It has been formulated to function in a specific may.

Here is the good news for such a person, now is your chance to make a head way. It doesn’t matter what has patterned your thoughts that way, but what matters the most now is that you are going higher. You have tarried here in this mountain for too long a time, its time for you to move on.

One thing that can make you remain where you are even if you have all you need is the fact that you can’t see any reason to move. but look away from your reasoning, don’t mind where to, just move. Keep going!

2. Progressive Forward Movement: here is where you dare to continue going. Even if you have no strength left in you, you still finds it worthy to keep on the move. Opportunities won’t get to you while you are standing one place. You just have to work out something  and keep going.

Staying in a place can’t solve your problem, you need to move out to see people who can be of help.

Quote of the day:

“your efforts today will determine where you will be tomorrow”.


Posted by on March 2, 2011 in Motivation


2 responses to “Get Moving, Don’t Stop

  1. Nicole Griffin Eakin

    March 3, 2011 at 18:26

    Wonderful article! I must keep reading!


    • dbengroup

      March 11, 2011 at 06:42

      thx alot Nicole. You can as well look up the recent post on my site.



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